Sunday, February 19, 2012

Minty Footsy Scrub and Honey Aloe Coconut Oil pack.

If you don't have these ingredients already, they are a great health and beauty item to have on hand for many uses .
Find these ingredients in your local health food grocer.
You will also need a small bowl and a mixing spoon.
Mint Tea Tree Footsy Scrub

•1 cup of sea salt.
•½ cup of organic or white sugar.
• ½ a cup of almond oil or whatever you have on hand, vegetable oil works too.
•5 drops of peppermint oil.
•4 drops of spearmint oil.
•5 drops of tea tree oil.

Pour the sea salt, sugar, and almond oil into your small bowl. Add the drops of essential oils and mix it into all the ingredients in the bowl until you have a nice gritty mint smelling foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and heels with.

Apply a good amount of the minty mix on your feet and scrub.
Rinse with warm water.
Pat dry.

Recipe for Honey Aloe Coconut oil pack.

•bowl, mixing spoon.
•old socks.
•1 tbsp of Organic coconut oil.
• 1 tsp of organic aloe vera gel.
• 1 tsp of honey.

Combine all ingredients in bowl and blend together. Create a paste, it will be slightly sticky.
Apply the mix to already scrubbed feet.
Grab your old socks and carefully put on the socks over the feet.
Leave socks on with feet up for 20 minutes, stay put.
Hop to the tub and remove socks, rinse with warm water.
A DIY, mini foot spa no one could have did better!

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