Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are brand new to the blogging world...

Hello everyone!

I'm very new to this...

My name is Iris. I create organic and non gmo products. They are all handcrafted. You can find my products on Facebook and

What started my idea was the ingredients listed on a product, (lip gloss) my daughter wanted to buy. I couldn't pronounce or recognize it. Needless to say, if it isn't simple and recognizable, it doesn't seem wise to use it..

I have researched recipes...after recipes..

I have found some great recipes through tireless, yet rewarding searches! I feel great and relieved that I have an alternative in what I wash, apply, and consume, for myself and family.

During the holidays, I put my products to the test and sent them out to relatives and friends. The feedback was great! From that good feedback I decided that others would possibly benefit from a great, healthy, all organic product!

My "Singing Tall Grass" line is inspired by my home, South Dakota. Choke cherries are a common food that we use alot. "Wojapi" is a popular pudding type dish common to the Lakota. Very tastey! I wanted to bring a familiar flavor to a lip balm that I could not find through scouring the net and shops, so I created "Singing Tall Grass Choke Cherry Organic Lip Balm."

My plan is also to give back. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.
Our hopes in making these products are to build and uplift communities and restore cultures. With a direction and a plan, there is possiblility. Starting community gardens, and bee hives are a great kick off to this plan!

A purchase of this product casts a vote for organic and natural products, and helps set a plan in motion to enrich and uplift communities.
This is very exciting for me and my family, thanks so much for joining me on this new journey!

"A warm spirit essence...a delicate wind capturing the blessed elements of nature, and the tall grass celebrating the harmony of your every step..."       


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