Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coconut-Lime Exfoliting
Body Wash

My daughter and I decided to experiment and make a body wash.
This turned out light and fluffy after we blended it!


Blender, or food processor.
empty jar, or old 8-16 oz. shampoo bottle.
1/4 cup of castille soap, we used Rose by Dr. Bronner.
1/4 cup of Organic coconut flakes.
7 drops each of coconut, and lime fragrance oils.
2 tbsp of Shea Butter
2 tsp of vegetable glycerin
2 tsp of guar gum for emulsifying.
1 1/2 cups of distilled water.

Melt the shea butter in a glass pyrex, pot with water half filled, wait until melted, and cool slightly. Then pour into the blender with the castille soap, glycerin, and water. Blend these ingredients. Now pour in the guar gum slowly, pulsating, watch out for clumping. You may want to add more or less guar gum for a thinner or thicker mixture. Now add the coconut flakes, coconut and lime fragrance oils, blend  again for a less than a minute.
The mixture will be a foamy consistency, so cover it and let it settle before you pour into jar , bottle.
Now pour into a glass jar, or container with lid, or 8-16 oz. rinsed, empty shampoo bottle.

Make sure to store in a dark, cool place to preserve.
Use within a few days, or if you have grapefruit seed extract (add 10 drops) , it will last for a few weeks.
Good to use on face and body, hair...well the coconut flakes might stay in your hair...

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