Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Natural Baby Care

Lavender Baby Powder

1 cup of corn starch
clean, old baby powder bottle, large salt shaker, or shaker top container
10 to 15 drops of  lavender essential oil
Blend corn starch and oils in a blender. Remove shaker lid and pour into the bottle or container carefully.

*Test on your skin first, if no irritation occurs then introduce a small amount at a time on baby, once no irritation is established, apply normally.

Sensitive-Skin Baby Wipes

1/4 cup of Aloe Juice
5 drops of Lavender essential oil 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
2 cups of Distilled Water
Smoothe roll of paper towels
Largest zip lock baggie for storage

Tear off your paper towels one by one and stack. Add your Distilled water, aloe juice, and essential oils into the large bag and seal, shake.
Place your stacked towels into the bag and let  the solution absorb. Release all the air out and seal bag. Make the towels chase and follow the solution, seeping it all up. Aloe, tea tree, and lavender have anti-bacterial properties, but if you want to be extra safe, you can add some Grapefruit seed extract ( a natural preservative) to the solution before adding towels. Ready to use! Non toxic for sensitive baby skin, adults, and even  to keep in your bag for quick mess clean up.

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