Friday, March 30, 2012

A Thank You to Great Artists with BIG hearts!

To the great artists that have been so gracious...

I would like to extend a heart felt "Thank You" to some supportive people and artists that are making my vision come to life! Show them support and "like" there facebook pages, hire them, or buy something from their shops! Visit the links below to see their work!
 Thank you so much for everything!
Illustrated Ink,
These images are featured here. *Not to be copied, these are protected.*
"Singing Tall Grass" "Lei'd Back" "Occupy an Idea" "Mix'd" "Rocky Wildflower"
Mikarla Teague,
"The Chief"
Big Horn Photography,
"Rocky Wildflower"
Joyce Burton-Sousa
"Lilies" and "Sofia"

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