Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Natural Hair dyes and lighteners

Natural  sun ray highlights~


Chamomile Tea,
 clean empty spray bottle,
grapefruit seed extract.

Combine  1 cup organic lemon juice and 3 cups Chamomile tea, a few drops of grapefruit seed extract, and pour into a clean spray bottle. Spritz the solution onto the hair and massage it into your hair.
 Go out and get some yard work done, lay out, or even as you walk or jog, the sun ray's will help in the lightening process. Do this a few times a week for maximum results. The shelf life of this solution is a week. I always like to add a natural preservative like Grapefruit Seed Extract to everything homemade that I know I'll use more than once.
A Little Red...

organic beet juice
organic carrot juice
grapefruit seed extract

Combine 1/2 cup organic Beet juice 1/2 cup carrot juice, and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract into the clean container.
Pour the solution onto hair and massage into hair and let sit for one hour. Shampoo and rinse normally. Repeat this process a few times a week to accomplish desired red highlights.

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