Monday, May 16, 2016

Father's Day Gift Recommendations!

Prepper Gear Box Sign up

We have compiled a list of awesome gift ideas, and subscription boxes for Father's Day!


One of my favorites has to be, the subscription box from: Prepper Gear Monthly Survival & Education! This subscription box provides tools, and education for the Prepper and Survival Enthusiast!

We found something for every dad! Coffee Connoisseurs. Preppers and Outdoorsmen. Cooks. Gardeners. "Geeks." 

Subscription boxes are a wonderful idea for dad's! If you know of their interests, but just can't narrow it down, a box has a few items to satisfy their niche! Voila!

Here we go, just click on a link and you're ready to discover the perfect gifts and or subscription box, for your AMAZING DAD! This list has everything from drones, to a Tupac Cookie Cutter Stamp, 3D Printers by Lulzbot, Exotic meats like alligator and buffalo, and health and wellness supplies. Bases covered? Enjoy!



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